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General Terms and Conditions

1. General

Black Limousines GmbH, Sinziger Strasse 11, 50968 Cologne (hereinafter referred to as “Limo Booking”) enables its Users to book travel services over its online platform.
The service of Limo Booking is made up only by the arrangement of an entitlement to carriage for a User over a transportation service provider as an intermediate, and not in the provision of the travel service itself.
These Terms and Conditions are part of every agreement between Users with the arrangement of a travel service by Limo Booking.
Deviations from the User Terms, even in the case of letters of confirmation and unreserved services, are hereby rejected. Only if the management of Limo Booking has expressly agreed in writing, does this not apply.

2. User Requirements

It is the User’s responsibility to ensure that all information that they, or someone else on their behalf, have provided to Limo Booking is complete and accurate.
Registration using automated methods is prohibited.

3. Compensation and Payment

3.1 The compensation claim of Limo Booking is specified in the Booking Confirmation.

Key factors for its amount (including reimbursement of expenses to Limo Booking for the arranged transportation service) are: the chosen vehicle class, the distance, how far in advance the ride is booked, as well as the pickup time and possibly the location.
Additionally booked special requests, e.g. multilingual drivers, individual vehicle labeling, additional stops, bulky luggage, car seats for children, etc. may cause the price to increase.

3.2 Ride Changes

Even after the conclusion of the arrangement agreement and even after the start of the ride the User (and the passenger) can make changes to the Travel Arrangements.
If a ride is spontaneously lengthened (distance or number of hours) according to the wish of the User, or passenger, the actual service (total distance or number of hours) will be newly calculated and priced according to the current price structure. In the case of hourly bookings, each additional 30-minute block is considered for invoicing, i.e. from the first additional minute, a half hour will be rounded up to ensure more reliable planning.
Accordingly, the compensation claim increases for the User, due to Limo Booking’s expenses for the Contract of Carriage for the Benefit of the User increasing.
If the distance or number of hours are less than originally booked, the price remains unaffected.

3.3 Other Premiums

3.3.1 Waiting Times for Transfer Services
For transfer services, no surcharges are applied in the case of airport or train station (excluding long-distance train stations) for a waiting time of up to 60 minutes after the agreed pickup time, at which flight and train delays or earlier flights and trains lead to a deferral of the scheduled pickup time by the planned period of time between the planned arrival time and the original pickup time, and up to 15 minutes from the agreed pickup time in all other cases. Each additional minute of waiting time will be calculated as a flat-rate, including VAT, according to the hourly booking prices of the particular municipal area as well as the vehicle category.
3.3.2 Additional Kilometers for Hourly Bookings
Hourly bookings contain the kilometers (per hour) that are stated on the booking form (or by phone). Any additional kilometers are subject to surcharge, including VAT, and are calculated according to the price per kilometer of the particular municipal area as well as the vehicle category.

3.4 Terms of Payment and Transaction Fees

The User can pay for their ride by credit card. Incidental credit card charges are carried by Limo Booking. Any transaction fees when making payments via bank transfer (e.g. due to different currencies or different local accounts) are carried by the User.

3.5 Payment Reminders, Unpaid Credit Card Invoices

For each payment reminder, Limo Booking may charge an appropriate penalty fine.
For unpaid credit card debts, Limo Booking charges the User for the incurred expenses (bank, credit card company) and reserves the right to assert an appropriate handling fee per incident.

3.6 Sending of Invoices, Payment Dates

Limo Booking provides the User with the respective invoice electronically as a download in their Limo Booking account. When paying by credit card, payment is due immediately. When paying by bank transfer, the payment date referred to in the invoice must be kept.

3.7 Vouchers

Vouchers are only redeemable individually and cannot be combined with other vouchers. Vouchers are not redeemable for cash.

4. Changes to the Offer by Limo Booking

Limo Booing reserves the right to at any time make changes to the Booking Tools in a way that is appropriate to the User, so as to further develop and improve their quality. In addition, Limo Booking reserves the right to, with good cause, temporarily or permanently discontinue its offer through the Booking Tools, even without the User being informed personally of this.

5. Cancellation Policy

In case of cancellation the following fees apply
-Reservations cancelled more than 24 hours prior to departure – 0% of the price (full refund will be made)
-Reservations cancelled within 24 hrs. prior to departure – 100% of the price

6. Limitation of Liability

– The company is not responsible for delays or trip termination due to weather, traffic or unsafe road conditions (i.e.: acts of nature, accidents, etc.)
– If the company is responsible for non-fulfillment of contractually agreed dates and appointments or is in delay, the contracting party shall be entitled to compensation in amount of double price of the performance the company has not fulfilled
– The company’s liability for damages shall be limited to an amount of 5.000 €

7. Choice of Law and Place of Jurisdiction

For all legal relationships between Limo Booking and the User the law of the Netherlands applicable to domestic business is effective.
Place of fulfillment is Amsterdam.
Exclusive place of jurisdiction is Amsterdam, insofar as the User is a merchant according to the Commercial Code, or, upon suing, has no fixed place of residence in Netherlands. Legally binding jurisdictions remain unaffected.